Farful Foolong Stomps out the Yuckity-Uck for VICTORY over Pediatric Cancer

Tell us a little about yourself, Farful.

I’m Farful Foolong from Oolong Panshoo – I saved my planet from Grey Bubble-Goo

But now that I’m here on Earth I can see – there’s lots of kids that could use help from me

This Yuckity-Uck has found its way in – and done really yucky things to my friends

But that’s why I’m here, my purpose you see… To get rid of UCK and to shout VICTORY!


What are your favorite things to do when you meet a new group of kids?

Oh… that’s when I’m the happiest – I’ll take them on a trip

We’ll travel through the Universe – aboard my Bubble-Ship

Uncle Nick will tell my stories – while I give hugs and cuddles

And at the end of our first journey – Millions and BILLIONS of BUBBLES!


Are there special things you do to cheer up someone you visit in the hospital?

That’s a very special question – that doesn’t have one answer,

see every day is different – especially with cancer

Some days I dance and sing and jump and plant a happy seed,

while other days I sit and hug and fill a comfort need

To me they’re both important – one is to the other

I take the lead from those who know…the Daddy and the Mother


Why are you so passionate about helping put an end to pediatric cancer?

I have such a friend, someone I hold close

Who came down with something, not good I suppose

It made them feel Yucky and Ucky and Blue

And I said to myself… “GOSH - WHAT CAN I DO?”

So I cheered them up, I played all around

I picked them up, when they were down

And then I was asked to tag right along

And that’s when I found that “SOMETHING” that’s wrong

The Yuckity-Uck had found its way in

and did really Yucky things to my friend

But now that I know that Yucky is there,

I know I can fix it – BUT HOW? BUT WHERE?

...see this is how my journey to find a cure began…

With VICTORY over cancer - YES we WILL and YES-WE-CAN!

What would Victory Over Cancer look like to you?

Thousands and Millions and BILLIONS of BUBBLES…..



That's ALL I CAN SAY!!!!



Denise Loren