Farful Foolong

I’m Farful Foolong from Oolong Panshoo. I saved my planet from Grey Bubble-Goo. And now that I’m here on Earth I can see. There are lots of kids that could use help from me. So help them I will - I’ll help them indeed. Life is a treasure - they’ll learn as they read!

Favorite Color: Blue and Green (the colors of Earth)

Favorite Snack: Green Salad

Favorite Thing: Bubbles (It was love at first site)

Favorite Word: COLOR

Favorite Panshoo Zoo Animal: Girelephant



Hi! I’m Bubbles and I like to play. With Farful my B-F-F every day. We’re making a difference and bringing some hope. To all kids, and all pets – that’s what I love most!

Favorite Letter: V – it stands for Victory over the Yuckity-Uck! (Pediatric Cancer) through our Partnership To Support Advancements In Pediatric Cancer Research with The V Foundation

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Snack: Blueberry Pie

Favorite Thing: Farful Hug-Buddy

Favorite Word: PLAY

Favorite Book: “Farful Foolong from Oolong Panshoo and the ABC Zoo”

Favorite Panshoo Zoo Animal: Koalaroo


Isaiah - Farful’s Buddy fighting the Yuckity-Uck

My name is Isaiah and I’m only 3. The Yuckity-Uck got inside of me. Now Farful is here, and I don’t feel stuck. Cause we’ll find a cure for that Yuckity-Uck!

Favorite Color: Farful Orange

Favorite Snack: Bubble-Goo Bubble-Gum

Favorite Thing: Panshoo Plushies

Favorite Word: HICKLE-DEE PICKLE-BOO (the girl on the “Brushing Your Teeth” poster. She has a funny name)

Favorite Book: “Farful Foolong from Oolong Panshoo ~ I’ll be a Doctor and Share in the News” (and not just because I’m in it :)

Favorite Panshoo Zoo Animal: Window Washing Wombat


Hootie the Owlopus

Yep.. I’m an Owlopus, you guessed that one right. I brave through the ocean, then take-off in flight. Across the planet of Oolong Panshoo when problems need solved, that’s just what I do!

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Snack: Pooka-Berry Ice cream (Pooka-berries grow on Oolong Panshoo)

Favorite Thing: Solving Problems with Farful

Favorite Word: BUBBLE-GOO

Favorite Book: “Farful Foolong from Oolong Panshoo and the Grey Bubble-Goo”

Favorite Panshoo Zoo Animal: Jumping Jack-A-Lope


Geri the Girelephant

Hey there! I’m Geri the Girelephant. Some say our paintings are quite elegant. But painting’s not all us Girelephant’s do. We’re really quite fast on our bicycles too!

Favorite Color: Rainbow (because I like all colors)

Favorite Snack: Crunchy Peanut Butter Sandwiches

Favorite Things: Paint Brushes & Bikes

Favorite Word: PERIWINKLE (it’s a purple color - and also a flower on Earth)

Favorite Book: “What Girelephant’s do on Oolong Panshoo”

Favorite Panshoo Zoo Animal: Yellow X-Yeti