November 13, 2017


A Good Read for Children’s Cancer Research

By Ann Friedman - Jacksonville.com

Jacksonville-based multimedia company, Panshoo, has teamed up with the V Foundation for Cancer Research to support the nonprofit organization’s dedication to advancements in pediatric cancer research.

Panshoo’s is known for the book, “Farful Foolong From Oolong Panshoo” where the main character, alien, Farful Foolong, saves his planet from Grey Bubble-Goo.

As a result of the partnership, Panshoo introduced a new book, “Yuckity-Uck,” featuring Farful and a new character, Bubbles, who supports “Victory over the Yuckity-Uck” or cancer....

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Click to download Press Release

Click to download Press Release

October 10, 2017

Panshoo, LLC Teams Up With The V Foundation For Cancer Research - Partnership To Support Advancements In Pediatric Cancer Research