Nick Loren


Nick has spent twenty plus years in the entertainment industries. His career was kick-started when he landed a job as personal stunt double for esteemed actor John Travolta. Nick’s daring antics made possible many of the breathtaking action scenes in some of Travolta’s most iconic films.  Nick was also acting in roles of his own, and he took on numerous film and television projects on both sides of the camera. He was nominated for an Emmy for his work as host of NBC's "First Coast Living," and his musical talent earned him a Top 10 radio hit in 2009. Through it all, Nick could never shake a deep rooted love for reading and helping children. Inspired by a cuddly character concocted by his son, Nick developed a series of fun and rhythmic books about a character named Farful Foolong. The Farful project took on a life of its own, garnering praise from the wife of the late Dr. Seuss and inspiring a literacy non-profit organization. In his downtime, Nick’s favorite things to do include playing with his three children, Tysan, Nikoli, and Destiny, and spending time with his beloved wife and business partner, Denise, whether they’re brainstorming new projects or just hanging out.


Farful Foolong

VP of Cuddling  

Farful Foolong is the cute, furry alien that saved his planet from the Grey Bubble-Goo.  He travels the universe giving cuddles and teaching the importance of reading, writing, and thinking outside the box.  His favorite things are brand new red shoes, playing saucer-snake toss, and visiting the Panshoo Zoo.  Farful loves adventure and spending time with his friends here on the planet of color. 


Denise Loren

VP of Production

Denise has nearly two decades of experience in the entertainment industry, from her beginnings as a writer and lyricist to her years of work in film and television production. She has worked on projects for industry heavyweights ranging from The Disney Channel to HBO, learning invaluable lessons along the way. The experience she gained in these roles as well as in brand management primed her for the journey into the publishing and literary sector. Denise is deeply invested in her community and believes in giving back. She serves as both a member of the board of directors for the JT Townsend Foundation, an organization that assists people with disabilities in the First Coast area of Florida, and as President of Panshoo Kids, a literacy non-profit that she was instrumental in founding. When it’s time to switch out of professional mode, Denise loves nothing better than spending quality time with her three children, Tysan, Nikoli, and Destiny. Her other passion is developing creative projects with her husband and business partner, Nick Loren. Denise’s family serves as an unending source of inspiration, motivating her to make literacy fun and accessible to all kids.