Farful Foolong from Oolong Panshoo… cadence resonates with a Seussian echo. Ted (Dr. Seuss) would have liked it!
— Audrey Geisel – Mrs. Dr. Seuss
Every generation needs an original story for children that reflects earlier favorite ones. Farful Foolong is one such story!
— John Travolta - Daddy, Author, Actor
Farful Foolong is a new, fresh and truly inspired piece of writing with Seussian qualities throughout.
— Bill Dreyer, Curator – Art of Dr. Suess Collection
. . . everything went smoothly. I attribute this to the team’s great planning and respect for our business. They graciously coordinated with us and accommodated our requirements. Everyone enjoyed the day, and we sold lots of books. I’ve been hosting author events for over 20 years, and this was a highly successful and stress-free event.
— Rona Brinlee, Owner – The BookMark
We often have authors come and read to our children to encourage early literacy but this was much more than just a reading! Nick and his “got-goo?” crew put on a performance that was age-appropriate, engaging and fun! It hit all the key elements of; reading, lessons on personal hygiene, interactive play, lessons through music and rhyming; and kept the children engaged the entire show.
— Marleen Lee, Director – Promisetown Preschool
Being in the hospital can sometimes be difficult for kids and families. The performance helped take their minds off being in the hospital and for that we are extremely grateful. Farful was a big hit as well! How fun for the kids to see the character come to life!
— Pat Kirkland, Family Support Services – Wolfson Children’s Hospital